Boyd Hilder takes X-games gold!

Photo: Luc Flosbach 

X games took place in Chiba on the East coast of Japan this weekend. What an event it was for Boyd Hilder as he took gold in x games bmx street. Congratulations Boyd!

Final results for X Games Japan 2023 BMX street were as follows:

  1. Boyd Hilder (AUS) - 92.66
  2. Courage Adams (NGR) - 89.66
  3. Garrett Reynolds (USA) - 87.00
  4. Devon Smilie (USA) - 85.00
  5. Kevin Peraza (MEX) - 81.66
  6. Felix Prangenberg (GER) - 78.33
  7. Broc Raiford (USA) - 75.00
  8. Alex Donnachie (SCO) - 59.66


Once again our congratulations to Boyd Hilder for taking the X Games gold in Chiba. You can check out the full X Games 2023 BMX street finals on the video below: